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 Juicy notes of mandarin, cherry and red apples. Super refined smooth mouthfeel. Beautifully clear lingering aftertaste.

Afonso Lacerda Lot#2

Origin: Brazil

Region: Serra do Caparao

Estate: Sitio Forquilha do Rio

Varietal: Red Catuai

Altitude: 1250m above sea level.

Processing: Natural

Around 1970s, Onofre Lacerda who’s Afonso’s father, aquired part of the property and began the coffee production by working on his own. Only in 1995 that his three sons started working on the production and helped improve the
labour force. Since the beggining, Onofre was focused on quality versus quantity, regardless if the market price would
remain the same.
In 2016, Afonso Lacerda was awarded “Coffee of the Year” at the Coffee International Week in Brasil.

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